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                Our Services:

  • 3D scanning and modeling

  • High quality digital photos

  • Aerial drone imaging

  • 3D file hosting and storage

Archaeological Digitization:

Ethical, Accessible, and Useful

  • Non-destructive

  • Virtual museums

  • Facilitates collaborative research

  • Accurate documentation for future restoration

Timlin 2 Graphic.jpg

CULTURE deploys professional teams to complete the requested services, with each team containing a dedicated archaeologist, photographer, and technician to ensure proper execution. 

3D modeling can be applied to all things archaeological, from the smallest artifacts to entire trenches and large architecture. Completed scans can be used for research, community outreach, publications, and museum applications. Contact us and tell us about your digitizing needs!

Hyper-accurate, professionally captured 3D models of artifacts, architecture, and sites.

Expanding research potentials, learning, and making cultural heritage more accessible to the public.

Our models are accurate up to 0.5mm and can be used in presentations, websites, and 2D graphics.

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Our teams utilize flagship DSLR technologies to create stunning 2D images of even the smallest, most detailed artifacts. 


Perfect for cataloguing finds and documenting important items for research, 2D images can be used alongside 3D models to maximize potentials. 

Additional uses include social media and advertising applications, youth education and outreach, and print publications.

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