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Community Garden


The Culture Society community garden "Flower City Milpa" is located at 7 Evergreen Street in Rochester, New York. 

A previously vacant, city-owned lot, this location is now a publicly accessible community garden. Culture Society takes food insecurity in Rochester very seriously, and by opening this community garden, those pressures can be alleviated. 


Culture Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and this project is only possible with the generous donations of our supportive community members. To help keep this mission going, please visit our donation page.  

What is a "milpa"?

In Indigenous Maya communities (as well as other Indigenous groups!), the "milpa" is not only the area food is grown, but also the name of the agricultural system used. Unlike colonial monoculture farming, the milpa system is an example of sustainable polyculture agriculture that works with the existing environment.

To’one’ tan k kana’antik u yóok’ol kàab u tia’al ku ¢èentko’on.

-Indigenous Maya language of the Yucatán

En cuanto a nosotros, cuidamos sobre la tierra para que nos alimente.


As for us, we take care of what is upon the earth, so that she nourishes us.


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Join Us!

If you would like to garden with us, please contact us!




Culture Society is pursuing this mission as a way to address food insecurity in our Rochester communities, and we have limited space at this location. Anyone located outside of the immediate community is asked to please purchase a buy-in to cover the cost of constructing and filling a raised bed for your use. Donations allow us to supply raised garden beds to the immediate community for free, but those are in limited supply. Contact us to learn more!

Buy-In Rates:                            

4' x 4' - $150

4' x 6' - $200

4' x 8' - $250

Custom Size - Contact for pricing


Sponsor Program!

Culture Society is happy to offer a sponsorship program, and interested businesses will be represented at the garden, in the form of a donor plaque attached to a raised garden bed. Another option is for a donor plaque to be dedicated to a loved one or community member. Please contact us to learn more. 

Sponsorship Rates:

4' x 4' - $250

4' x 6' - $350

4' x 8' - $450

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