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Workshops & Lectures


Sustainability & Environmental Conservation

Sustainable Agriculture

Culture Society operates a community garden in Rochester, NY, and is partnered with Master Gardeners and professional educators. To schedule a workshop / lecture on sustainable growing or general gardening, please contact us! Tours of the gardens and hands-on activities are available, as are visitations from our lecturers. 

Cultural Heritage

Digital Media

​Culture Society's 3D models and 2D images offer an amazing chance for educators to supplement their classroom lessons with interactive and fun examples of history. 3D models can be shown on screens, and kids can explore artifacts with as close to a hands-on experience as possible.


Culture Society experts are available for lectures and presentations on history and digitization methods. Our team members are more than happy to visit your classroom and discuss all things archaeological - contact us to learn more!

Culture Society is dedicated to applying its work and research to education and childhood advancement. Museums and nature are invaluable resources for growing creativity and curiosity in children. Our mission makes it possible to bring that sense of wonder and learning to entire groups of people who do not have easy access to this type of material.

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